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Degrees & Other Programmes


Bachelor of Applied Science (BSc)

The BSc degree has majors in zoology and ecology and a minor in environmental science. The BSc degree requires students to gain at least 300 points from papers listed in the schedule within the Massey University Calendar. Within the degree, students need to ensure they enroll in the required papers for each major (and minor) of their programme.


Zoologists find employment in a wide variety of careers and occupations dealing with animals.Massey graduates can be found working in biosecurity areas, DoC, Crown Research Institutes and private companies. Research students may be found in Antarctica, in caves in Queensland studying swifts, stumbling over seals on Campbell Island while studying plants, following and eavesdropping on wallabies on Kawau Island, examining hihi breeding behaviour on Tiritiri Matangi, looking for tusked weta on Mercury Island or chasing kiwi in Tongariro. These are everyday activities for zoologists and zoology students.

Environmental ScienceEnvironmental Science

Environmental science is the application of scientific knowledge to the human environment. Sustainability issues are particularly powerful in New Zealand where the image and rhetoric of clean and green is more of a reality than in the rest of the world. Environmental science is one of the tools we can use to more sustainably manage our environment. It is an important branch of science, practical as well as theoretical, applied as well as conceptual, changing as fast as the technology allows, and broadly interdisciplinary in its approach.

Students in environmental science must obtain a major in a related science degree (such as ecology, zoology, geography, earth science or plant biology) as well as taking the course for the environmental science programme.


Ecology is the study of the interaction between living organisms and their environment.

It has become clear that the history of life on earth has been one of long periods of relative, or at least apparent, stability punctuated by periods of intense change. It is now apparent that we are living through a period of at least similar change in our environment. As an ecology graduate from Massey University you can play a role in understanding and articulating concerns about what is happening to New Zealand and to the earth itself. You will have the opportunity to study in areas related to plant, microbial, and conservation ecology as well as evolution in these areas.












Zoology, Ecology and Environmental Science:

Prof. Brian P Springett, Ecology Group, Institute of Natural Resources, College of Sciences; Ph. 06-3505799 x 2610 [Secretary: ext. 7954 or 2609] Fax. 06-3505623

Postgraduate studies

Office of Graduate Studies, College of Sciences:

The College of Sciences has an Office of Graduate Studies which specifically targets students interested in undertaking this level of study either internally or extramurally. Advice can be obtained regarding programmes you are interested in, admission to programmes, support systems for postgraduates, graduate subject advisors and policy and procedures for this level of study. Contact Kathy Hamilton (Graduate Studies Administrator) Ph 06-3505883, Fax 06-3505620, email:

For an indepth explanation of the Bachelor of Science Programme and the papers offered, click here

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