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Certificate in Horticulture (CertHort)

1 year of full-time equivalent study, taken part-timeLettuce Greenhouse
Available at Palmerston North (Turitea) P
Available Extramurally E

To be successful in the New Zealand horticulture industry a sound understanding is required of the scientific, technological and business management principles and techniques that underpin horticulture. The Certificate in Horticulture provides such a background. The programme is based on a selection of papers from the BApplSc degree and is designed for part-time extramural study. Not all papers will be available every year. The selection of papers is such that a broad-based educational package in horticulture is provided. To complete the Certificate 100 points are required which is equivalent to one year of full-time study. There is no industry practical work requirement for the qualification.

The Certificate allows students to specialise in either production or landscape horticulture.
Students who may decide to study horticulture beyond the Certificate will be able to credit papers to the BApplSc degree.
It is important not to confuse this qualification with Certificates in Horticulture offered by other training providers. Such certificates are at levels 1-4 on the NZQA Framework, while University certificates cover levels 5-7 on the NZQA Framework.


The entry requirements for the CertHort are as for the Bachelor of Applied Science degree.


The CertHort is a 100 points (8 papers) qualification. Students select 37.5 points (3 papers) from either the production horticulture or landscape horticulture series of papers. Within the production series, students follow a cut flower, fruit, nursery or vegetable industry interest by building appropriate crop profiles throughout the series of papers. The remaining 62.5 points (5 papers) are selected from a list of papers which cover the disciplines of soil science, engineering, horticulture, management, plant health and plant science.
Students completing the landscaping option can develop specialisations in design, plant management or turf management.

For an indepth explanation of the Bachelor of Applied Science Programme and the papers offered, click here

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