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Maori Resource Development (Postgraduate Diploma)

Why Do Research in Maori Research Development?

Research in Maori Resource Development aims to promote the sustainable development and management of Maori resources through the advancement of knowledge of Maori communities, organisations and cultural values in relation to the natural environment. The research programme is underpinned by a close association with a number of Iwi, government agencies and Maori organisations particularly on issues related to natural resource management and the primary industry. The primary industry continues to be the mainstay of New Zealand's economy with Maori having a significant stake in the land-based and fishing industries. Maori also have an increasing role in the management of New Zealand's natural resources as cooperative management arrangements are sought between Iwi and Regional Authorities.

Research in Maori Resource Development is conducted at the organisation (e.g. Maori Authorities), community (iwi and hapu), and regional levels and seeks to develop strategies that enhance the social and economic development of Maori. Of particular interest is research that improves the performance of Maori agribusiness firms; assists in the development of effective government policy in regard to the development of Maori land; improves the capacity for Maori primary industry producers to compete internationally; and promotes the involvement of Maori in the management of their natural resources. Applications of participative rural appraisal (PRA), action learning, qualitative analysis, quantitative modelling, survey methods and other applied research techniques are utitilised to develop solutions to research problems.

Areas of Activity and Strengths

Tekuiti Project
Current areas which offer opportunities for postgraduate research and scholarship, include:

  • Participatory Iwi development
  • Maori values and resource management
  • Iwi resource management plans
  • Management of Maori Authorities
  • Sustainable production systems
  • Land tenure and legislation
  • Farm business management
  • Performance evaluation and organisational analysis
  • Cooperative marketing systems

Career Opportunities for Graduates in Maori Resource Development:

A postgraduate qualification in Maori Resource Development will provide a wide-range of exciting and rewarding applications. Graduates with a practical understanding of Maori resource management issues, knowledge of tikanga and te reo (culture and language), and well developed analytical skills are highly sought after in both the public and private sectors within New Zealand and internationally. Graduates of this programme learn skills that are applicable to development issues with other indigenous peoples in developed and developing nations.

Employment opportunities for graduates include:

  • Government including Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Te Puni Kokiri, and Ministry for the Environment;
  • Regional Councils,
  • Maori Authorities,
  • Iwi organisations (e.g. runanga),
  • private consultancy and
  • community organisations.

Graduate Subject Advisor for Maori Research Devlopment:

Nick Roskruge
Address: Institute of Natural Resources
Phone: (06) 350 5799 ext. 2611
Fax: (06) 350 5680


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