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Hapu Management of Coastal Waahi Tapu (Ngati Rahiri) (1999/2000)

Researcher: Stacey Hayward
Supervisor: Nick Roskruge

Project identifying options for Ngati Rahiri, a hapu of Te Atiawa ki Taranaki, for the management of waahi tapu threatened by coastal erosion within their rohe at Motunui, North of Waitara.

  • Considerations for Hapu Management of Onshore Resources that are Waahi Tapu

Nga Ruahine Tribal Trust Land Information (1999/2000)

Researcher: Bevan Pickett (DipMaoriResDev) [Poutama Scholar]
Supervisor: Nick Roskruge & Taiarahia Black

Project aimed at collating the whakapapa or history associated with a selection of blocks within NgaRuahine rohe (Manaia, Taranaki). Report being prepared.

Taewa Maori (1998-present)

Researcher: Nick Roskruge
Supervisor: Dr Keith Fisher (Inst. Natural Resources)

Project begun in 1998 as a special topic for a postgraduate diploma. Objectives to collect and maintain seed stock of taewa and create projects for students to look at agronomic aspects, commercial viability and social importance. Initial report:

  • Taewa Maori; their management, social importance and commercial viability (1999)

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