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KokakoHormonal stimulation of ovarian function in the Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) using gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH).(1999-present)

Researcher: Sharon Henare [Tuapapa Putaiao Fellow]
Supervisor: Dr John Cockrem
Maori Mentor: Nick Roskruge

Research aimed at developing a hormone treatment to stimulate the normal pattern of growth of the ovary thereby stimulating ovulation and egg laying in birds. Project has relevance to the 'Kokako" project and other related native bird programmes.


'Okia ki te W'enua (2001- )

Researcher: Nick Roskruge
Supervisor: Dr Alan Palmer & Dr Tewha Puketapu
Maori Mentor: Assoc. Prof. Taiarahia Black

Research aimed at Maori returning to economic use of 'Maori' land through horticultural land use. Case studies will be incorporated as well as a national network of Maori horticulture which will facilitate the production of a model for Maori development.

Is the Black Robin in Genetic peril?Black Robin

Researcher: Ms Hilary Miller (PhD Student) & Dr Peter Richie

This work is funded by Marsden and is being conducted in conjunction with the Department of Conservation. It also involves four Moriori and Maori iwi of the Chatham Islands (Wharekauri). Prof. Lambert has visited the island to give presentations on the research to the local people and discuss with them.

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